Coming soon
My New Blog…Coming Never!

When I first set out to create a blog – which was a long time ago – the blog page on my site simply read

“Coming Soon!”

You know, because it was. At least I thought it was. I hoped it was.
But things happen – I was busy, I wasn’t ready, I had no real plan in place – I was going to start one, it was just a matter of when.

Time passed, and then I got a lovely message from a fellow on Twitter who commented, “I like your site! Blog coming soon, eh? When’s that?”


Ok, blogger guy who blogs about blogging – you got me. I had no idea when it was coming. Um, soon?…

Time passed, even after I was called out, and I realized that my blog page should have read “New Blog…Coming Never!”

This wasn’t really a matter of procrastination; it was more a lack of planning. And another big part was fear of the unknown – what if I start and I can’t keep up with it? If I start it here and then I move my site will I have to start all over? It seems that this kind of fear tends to set in when there is no plan in place. And yet seemingly in contrast, sometimes you just have to jump in before you’re “ready” – because that feeling of it being just the right time and just the right moment, with everything in its right place, may never happen. And that could cause you to miss out on quite a bit.

So sometimes the plan just needs to be to do something – and then to make a new plan as soon as that something is done. To those who like to have everything in its place before proceeding (like me), that sounds like a really bad idea. And yet if I decided not to jump in, there would still be a Coming “Soon” announcement here. I’m still not ready, and I’m doing it anyway.

Do you have any “Coming Soon” projects or activities that you have been hesitant to dive in to? Here’s what I would suggest:

– Establish a plan, even if that plan is just getting one thing done that will get you started.
– Make the starter thing small. (I didn’t publish this when I wrote it – just writing it was the starter.)
– Make another plan immediately after you accomplish the first thing. If going small worked well, make the next step small, too.
– Keep going: One small plan after another.

Next thing you know, your original goal may just be accomplished 🙂

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