5 Things You Must Do NOW for Audition Season

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Audition season is starting up for classical singers, and while the auditions themselves are not happening right away, there are plenty of things that need to be addressed sooner rather than later. Here are five of them. And if you’re not a classical singer, take note anyway – some of things, or versions thereof, may still apply 🙂

1. Research is not an option, unless you want to waste your time and money.
Just because you’ve heard somewhere is a “good program/company,” that doesn’t mean it’s a good match for you that particular year. Research how the company casts, what the season includes, and what the organization offers. Look at singers’ bios from the previous season and see if they seem to be at a similar level as you. Make sure it’s actually feasible for you to go to the live audition if you are selected. And make sure you could afford to take the gig based on what they are paying (or not…). Don’t waste the company’s time or yours. Make sure you’re a good potential match first.

2. You need to decide on your rep yesterday.
Taking new rep into an audition is not a good idea. You need time to get the music into the voice and body and to run it in an audition-like situation several times before doing so for real. When the body/voice don’t feel like they have been given enough time to become comfortable with the rep, that unassured feeling of insecurity can cause panic. Your chances of really performing your best in this situation are certainly lower than if you’re confident with your rep.

3. That audition binder needs to sparkle like Merry Maids got a hold of it.
Your music should be comprised of clean copies – get rid of all of your notes to yourself (you know the ones…). The only markings should be those for the pianist and the translation perhaps. The music should be taped and put together properly, in a non-crappy binder: make sure the rings close securely and the binder itself isn’t falling apart.

4. If you haven’t worn that audition outfit for a while, try it on.
Now is the time to make sure it still fits – nothing’s worse than pulling that thing out of the closet and realizing the day before your audition that it doesn’t fit the way it should (or that it isn’t clean – check that too…). Make sure you have all the things you need that go with it while you’re at it (shoes/belt/tights/hose/socks/tie, etc.).

5. Need to get in the right mindset for success? Start now.
Mindset work takes time, especially if there are old patterns/beliefs that must be overcome. A shift in thinking is not going to happen at the last minute. While you may realize you need to think differently, until the old patterns are replaced by something the brain knows better, it’s not happening.

This is just a start – auditioning is an art in itself! And love it (rare) or hate it, it’s a part of all early careers. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though – becoming a great auditioner is possible! Just like anything else, it takes work. I’ll be sharing more audition tips during this season, so stay tuned!

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