A Year in Review: Kristina Driskill’s Blog Posts from 2016

The end of the year is often a time for reflecting before looking forward. This past week I’ve been appreciating the triumphs and trials of 2016, as both can provide a multitude of information one can use to learn and grow. I’ve also reflected on my first year of blogging, where I’m proud to have produced 48 (maybe useful??) articles. And for this last post of the year, I thought I’d wrap up by providing a complete list of articles I’ve written in 2016, arranged by general category as a reference for you.

So in case you missed some of these or want to visit them again, here’s a post you can bookmark to find everything from my blogging in 2016.

And regardless of whether you’ve had a good year or a tough one, I hope you will join me in looking forward to 2017!

My New Blog…Coming Never!
How to have an awesome day (even if it sucks)
“I’ll Do It!” may be why you’re not getting anything done.
Do you have the courage to just say No?
The power and importance of resilience
Do you experience bouts of “Grass is always greener” syndrome? Here’s what you can do about it.
How to get rid of all your problems (for now)
Smile! Why we usually hate people telling us that – and why we should do it anyway
10 Things You Would Never Say to Someone Else (But It’s OK to Say Them to Yourself…)
The Secret Behind Your Impatience (and Why What You’ve Learned Isn’t Helping You)
Is Envy Getting the Best of You? How to Tame the Green-Eyed Monster

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Time for Everything
Ignorance is bliss: the love/hate relationship with knowing
Time is Money: Where Should You Be Spending It?
It’s Free! (So why aren’t you taking it?)
Have You Realized Your Potential – or Are You Purposely Hiding from It?
Is Taking a Day Off a Fail?
Calm Thyself! 5 Ways to De-Stress When You Don’t Have Time to Relax
How to Increase Your Effectiveness and Productivity
What I learned from jumping out of an airplane
How to make an Emergency Motivation Kit

Why Am I Doing This? 5 Questions Creatives Should Be Asking Themselves
Liar Liar! Why telling the truth is a far better idea than anything else.
What to do with all of that advice you’ve been getting.
Are you for Real? Finding balance between dreams, reality, and authenticity
Do you need a creative outlet…from your creative outlet?
Gearing Up Your Creativity for the Fall…But Are You Ready to Quit Already?
Summer Lovin’ – How to Keep that Summer Feeling All Year Long
Friends and Family and Gigs: Is a Homestay the Way to Go (or No)?
Do you really want to be labeled as “emotional”? Why your next social media post could cost you your next gig.

Audition season blues? This might make you feel a little better
5 Things You Need to Avoid in Auditions
5 Things You Must Do NOW for Audition Season
4 Reasons Why Audition Season Might Not Be Going Well Already
The Audition Drama Dilemma – Are You Having Fun Yet?
Audition Secrets! Opera Theatre of St. Louis
Audition Secrets! Opera Saratoga
Audition Secrets! Chautauqua Opera
Audition Secrets: Fletcher Artist Management
An Open Letter to Opera Companies During Audition Season (and Beyond)
Telling It Like It Is: A Conversation with Cindy Sadler
Hate practicing? Maybe this is why (and what to do about it)
The Classical Singer and Preparation: Are you doing more than Step Zero?
Tis the Season…for Sickness! 5 Natural Remedies to Save Yourself
Is There a Cure for Performance Anxiety? [guest blog for Operaversity]
Do You Feel Like You’ve Failed? Here’s How to Bounce Back
[guest blog for iCadenza]

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