Would you like to have your own personal coach/consultant?

Does looking at everything you want to do feel overwhelming?

Do you feel like you get more done when you have a support system?

Would you benefit from having professional guidance on a weekly basis?

I created FORWARD because I have witnessed the effects of COMMITMENT to getting things done - there's just something about knowing someone is there to work with you as you build your goals and face obstacles that makes things happen, especially if that person can help you!

FORWARD is a simple, 2-step program designed to keep you moving ahead, so that you don't lose sight of your goals and dreams because life (or that pesky brain) gets in the way.

This program is designed for those who crave the assistance and collaboration of a qualified consultant but have budgetary concerns and need a way to get moving without breaking the bank!

If you want to...

Conquer old habits

Find out what's getting in your way

Create beliefs and action plans that get things done

Know how you can accomplish things even when you're feeling down and out

End the pattern of feeling inspired, only to not do much afterward

Double or even triple the amount of things you're getting done

Figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be

Learn how to enjoy process



...then this is for you!



One 1:1 hour-long coaching/consult via Skype, FaceTime, or phone

  • Identify goals and obstacles
  • Organize thoughts, scheduling, and tasks into something that's manageable
  • Troubleshoot unproductive mindset patterns and limited beliefs
  • Create an action plan each month that builds on the previous month

Weekly email check-ins to keep you on track toward your goals

  • Receive a weekly check in email to assist with accountability
  • Track wins and losses to build on and/or adjust your monthly action plan
  • Ask questions based on new discoveries during the week or troubleshooting
  • Get a response with comments, suggestions, and directives within 48 hours


Do I have to pay for the year or 6 months all at once?

Nope! FORWARD was designed to be budget friendly. The monthly charge will be set up as a recurring payment for 6 or 12 months based on which length program you choose.

What would we work on?

That entirely depends on what you need. Most people have an idea about what they want to be doing and where they want to see themselves in the future, but they have trouble figuring out how to get there from the present. That's what I do: I help you get from A to B.

Does this program have a specific start date?

No. This program has enrollment on a rolling basis, meaning it starts for you in whatever month you choose to enroll. The only limitations of this program are based on my schedule availability. When my schedule becomes full, I will close the program to anyone who is not already in it. 

I work during the week - are there session hours available for me in the evenings or on the weekends?

Yes! In addition to daytime hours, you may schedule sessions in the evenings and on Saturdays as long as they are available (meaning schedule early if you need a specific time...). Yay!

I'm not in the U.S. - I'm overseas (or will be during part of the year) - can I still do this?

Yes! I have clients all over the world. As long as you have a quality, reliable internet connection, you can do the program from anywhere. 🙂

I really want to do this but I'm super busy. What if I can't respond to all of the weekly check-ins?

The weekly check-ins are for YOU. If you don't respond, you still get another one the following week and we just pick up from wherever you left off. I will encourage you to use them because the more consistent you are the more you can get done, but you can't "mess up" the program.

Will you help me with whatever I need?

Pretty much! This program is designed to help you figure out where you're getting stuck and to troubleshoot obstacles in addition to setting goals and creating manageable tasks that will help you move ahead. I've been working with people for the past 10 years doing this kind of work and I also have a certification in Social Emotional Arts, so I'm quite versed in working on the personal and the professional. I find that they almost always intersect, so it's quite common to address both.

What this program does NOT cover is additional work services. If you need additional help with something, just let me know - you'll get a price break on additional services because you're in the FORWARD program.

Do I need to be at a certain level in my career for this to be useful?

Nope. I've worked with established professionals, emerging professionals, college students, graduate students, and those just starting out, and everyone has the same things in common: wins, losses, obstacles, frustrations, fears, and being overwhelmed at times. It's called being human, and it doesn't seem to get easier just because you are at a certain point in your life! Obstacles are always present, they just change. That's why work with people on the importance of enjoying process - it's 95% of where we spend our time.

​What you DO have to have is a serious desire to be a successful creative entrepreneur. If you're not interested in growing and moving forward and making things happen, this program is not for you.

Why do I have to commit to at least six months? Can't I just purchase a consulting session whenever I want?

In all of my work for the past 20 years, the one thing that stands out to me is the amount of progress one achieves when one establishes a habitual, longer-term commitment to something. It's just a fact that people who do this get more accomplished than people who work on something every once in a while. This is true in any field: instrument lessons, personal trainers, art lessons, sports, language classes - the more often you go, the faster you get better. And this goes for self-improvement and goals as well. So yes, you can purchase an individual session whenever you want (if available), but once the session ends it's all back on you by yourself to make it happen. This works for some people, although in my experience it is not as productive for most.

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