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Build Your

Marketing Materials

Every performer needs a marketing package, regardless of whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out. Get help building or editing your resume, biographies, head shot, recordings, reviews, and recommendations so that they reflect your personality and represent you as a professional.

Build Your Presence

Make sure you can be found so you can get hired. Develop your professional online presence through social media marketing, profile building, and website content and design. Have it done for you, or create your own level of independence by learning how to do things yourself.

Build Yourself

Become self-empowered and increase your level of confidence by identifying your strengths and goals, receiving directives, and creating a plan of action, saving you time and energy. Develop presentation skills, learn time management, get organized, problem solve, and/or strengthen your mindset.

You Deserve Success!

And you deserve to have the total picture - a clear idea what you want, fully discovering what you have to offer, and knowing what it will take to get there. My background includes work as a marketing instructor, keynote speaker, master class instructor, managing director, audition and performance technique coach, stage director, and voice instructor - combined with over 20 years of performance experience in the industry. Throughout all of it I observed this:

every successful person has a team helping them.

You shouldn't have to guess at how to make a career happen - start building all aspects of your product (that's You!) and watch your career go forward.

Read What Others Have to Say:

Zeffin Quinn HollisActor | Singer | Director | Teacher

I would recommend Kristina's marketing and career advising to any serious singer, regardless of career level - I’ve enjoyed working with her on my own materials and I’ve seen her at work with others - this is invaluable insight and advice.