Promoting growth and advancement through a committed working relationship

The Inner Circle Concierge is designed for clients who wish to create a longer-term relationship in which ongoing support is provided based on the client's needs. This is a working relationship in which I provide clients with as-needed assistance in areas including but not limited to: strategic planning, organization, time management, public relations, marketing and branding, mindset growth, online media creation and maintenance, and/or artistic and performance consulting.

I created the Inner Circle Concierge because I noticed that my clients who work with me on a continual basis are achieving more and doing so faster than anyone else. There's just something about consistent support, accountability, achieving one goal after another that helps one to move forward and gain confidence, resulting in faster success. The Inner Circle Concierge is for a very limited number of Clients, as Concierge Clients receive time and scheduling priority.

Clients must commit to a 1-year investment. In return, my work is offered at a discount over my single hourly rate. The retainer amount is contingent upon the Client's needs. The minimum monthly retainer is $300.

To find out if the Inner Circle Concierge is right for you, click the contact link below and let me know your interest in applying.