Are you ready to master your money mindset? 

If you struggle with where your money goes, making money,

setting or negotiating fees for your work, and/or your feelings about money in general...

this is for you.


Money Mindset Virtual VIP Day​

Uncover money blocks that are keeping you from getting what you want!

Manifest the financial success you deserve with this empowering one-on-one coaching.

Sacred Money Archetypes Assessment

Archetypes are models, or themes, that share universal characteristics. They speak to our deep, collective consciousness. The Sacred Money Archetypes Assessment identifies how your beliefs are connected to your relationship with money and opens the gateway to empowering your strengths and consciously handling your challenges.

Assessment Debrief & Clarification of Outcome - 60 minutes

Your first one-on-one coaching hour begins with a debrief based on your Sacred Money Archetypes Assessment. You will begin to understand the patterns and behaviors that drive your relationship with money. We will identify where your challenges have appeared and we will discuss what you wish to see instead.

Money Creation Visualization and Creating Your Conscious Money Compass - 60 minutes

After a 15-minute break, you'll experience the Money Creation Visualization and you'll create your Conscious Money Compass. You'll see exactly what your money perceptions are costing you and how to transform these perceptions in order to create an empowering money mindset.

Money Insights Breakthrough Tool - 60 minutes

After a 15-minute break, you'll uncover how your archetypal beliefs are keeping you from moving forward in 6 main areas of your life and career: Finances, Support, Product, Marketing, Relationships & Visibility, and Time & Freedom.

Action Planning - 30 minutes

You'll conclude your VIP Day with a half-hour Action Planning session and we'll review what your take-aways have been for the day so that you're ready to continue your path toward financial success!

Let's get growing!

You invested a lot of time and money to grow your skills and talent. Don't let your beliefs about money - many of which may be unknown to you - stand in the way of seeing a return on that investment.

Opportunities that come into your world are filtered and seen through your archetypal beliefs - that's just the way the mind works.  Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and how to identify self-imposed limitations will allow you to overcome the obstacles standing between you and your success.

If your financial situation doesn't match your level of creative talent, it's time to find out what's holding you back. 

Money LOVES Attention!

You can't wish you had more money and also avoid thinking about money...

If you want your money to grow, you've got pay attention to it. Wishing money problems would go away or that money would just appear in your life doesn't yield results - the way you think about money and the attention you give to it does! Learn how to create a positive relationship with money so that it can flow to you easily and work for you, allowing you to manifest your goals in your career. And here's a BONUS - it turns out that how we do money also tells us a lot about how we do everything else, so you'll also be able to use your knowledge about your archetypes to grow in all areas of your life!

Special Pre-launch Enrollment - through May 13 ONLY!



Enrollment for the pre-launch price of $295 ends at midnight on Saturday, May 13, 2017.  All sessions take place virtually via telephone within the same day.  See terms and conditions on the purchase page for booking details.


See what others are saying:

“When Kristina told me she was doing money mindset coaching, I couldn’t have jumped on the opportunity faster. The assessment was incredible - I’ve never felt like ANYONE has understood how I feel about money. I was floored. And then to have Kristina, in her amazing amount of wisdom and relatability, coach me through what I’d found and the difficulties I’d been having - all of a sudden everything made perfect sense.” - Christen H.

“Kristina’s coaching is truly amazing! With each call I’m left with a boost of self-confidence and new ideas on how to use my own money code to expand my business. Her approach to coaching is something I’ve never experienced before. Kristina’s caring and knowledgable yet she pushes me right above my comfort zone which is what I needed to start experiencing results.” - Christie W.

VIP Day Schedule Planner

Sacred Money Archetypes Assessment (must be taken at least 3 days prior)

VIP Day Hour 1 - 60 minutes

15-minute break

VIP Day Hour 2 - 60 minutes

15-minute break

VIP Day Hour 3 - 60 minutes

Conclusion - 30 minutes​

Total availability needed: ​4 hours (Note: You must schedule your VIP Day for a 4-hour block)

About your Money Mindset Coach:

Kristina Driskill empowers creative entrepreneurs to build momentum in their lives and careers and has helped over 1,000 creatives to move forward and break through obstacles keeping them from success. Kristina is a certified Sacred Money Archetypes coach, and she holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts degree and a certification in Social Emotional Arts. Her unique skill set, uncanny sense of intuition, and energetic, honest coaching and consulting have made her a stand out in the field of life and career development.

Ready to start creating a path to financial success?

Your journey toward financial freedom begins from within - if you're tired of feeling like you should be farther in your career then where you are when it comes to money, you deserve to know what might be standing in the way.  You can do this!

P.S. Don't wait - the current price of this offering is only available until May 13!