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Nothing brings me greater joy than empowering others to move forward! I am thrilled to have worked with so many amazing, talented people.

Here's what some of them have to say:

Zeffin Quinn HollisActor | Singer | Director | Teacher

I would recommend Kristina's marketing and career advising to any serious singer, regardless of career level - I’ve enjoyed working with her on my own materials and I’ve seen her at work with others - this is invaluable insight and advice.  


Daniela MackOpera Singer

I studied with Kristina when I was a teenager just beginning to find my voice. She gave me a foundation for breathing and inhabiting the world of classical song. Her wisdom was instrumental in leading me toward a career in music, and her guidance was an invaluable part of my early vocal education."   


Ben KazezOpera Singer | App Developer | Entrepreneur 

Kristina was instrumental in helping me find a path toward integrating two originally disparate parts of my life, my classical singing and my mobile app work. By encouraging me to talk openly about my accomplishments and ambitions in both arenas, she helped me create music- and tech-focused marketing materials that feel focused yet integrated. The work is already starting to pay off, with music work going well and several musical app projects on their way.  


Justine AronsonOpera / New Music Singer

Kristina has been an indispensable resource in helping me advance my career. As a marketing and public relations consultant, her work has empowered me to codify my career goals and take concrete and specific steps toward achieving them. The gorgeous website she helped me build absolutely reflects who I am as a person and as an artist. She's quick, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and just an all-around lovely human being - I would one hundred percent recommend her services to any colleague.  


Allison MarquezClassical/Pop Singer | Performer @ Universal Studios Japan

I have had the privilege of studying with Kristina and can honestly say I would not be where I am today without her. Before I began my instruction with her, I would be in quite a bit of physical pain after singing. I was low in confidence and doubted my own potential as a performer. I can now comfortably sing operatic, art song, and musical theatre repertoire, and I have infinitely more trust and confidence in my ability."

Sara NobleOpera Singer | Arts Administrator 

As someone who wears many hats, I am so grateful to Kristina for helping me to create a brand that is unified and authentic. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and brilliant at what she does. I feel so much more confident in my professional identity and materials!  


Raeeka Shehabi-YaghmaiOpera Singer | CEO, Dating with Confidence

I made a fach transition and had no idea how to move forward. Kristina helped me create consistent branding throughout my website and materials. She took everything I thought of as my weaknesses and turned them into my strengths - I highly recommend every serious performer to work with her. I loved this process so much that I also chose to personally work with her in performance coaching sessions.  

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Marina KeslerOpera Singer

Professional expertise and genuine interest in helping me excel in my operatic performance career make Kristina's services indispensable. Her attitude is open and supportive, her advice is constructive and encouraging. She knows what it takes to launch a career and be successful.

Kate BautchOpera Singer 

@KrisDriskill I couldn't have gotten that website up and running without your help. Everyone should be so lucky to have you on their team!  


Susan HurleyOpera Singer | Voice Teacher 

Kristina truly listens to you until she has a clear idea of your vision for your site, materials, brand, etc., and then she devotes her time and creative energies into realizing this vision. Every interaction I had with Kristina during the process of building my site, she was responsive, upbeat, prompt, and ready with multiple solutions to choose from for every problem and issue encountered along the way. She went above and beyond in so many ways. I recommend her work without reservation.  


Erin AlfordOpera Singer  

As a grad vocal student with two part time jobs, keeping up with my schedule had become overwhelming! Kristina took the time and made the effort to find out exactly what I needed, and she was quick to come up with solutions to any problems so I could find balance in my schedule - somehow, she fit in EVERYTHING, including "me time" ...Kristina is a miracle worker, and without hesitation, I would recommend her to anyone for their personal and/or artistic administrative and marketing needs.

Steven BrennfleckOpera Singer | Conductor | Alexander Technique 

“I’m an artist with many interests and Kristina was able to help me bring them into a coherent whole. Her skills were invaluable in helping me learn to navigate the ever evolving world of social media and what that means for the performer. Most importantly, Kristina’s infectious enthusiasm helped me find the confidence to market myself in a way that honors my various passions.”

Jennifer CooperSolo Performance Artist | CEO,  GoDIVA! Productions, Inc.

Kristina's exceptional reputation precedes her in every aspect of her multi-faceted career. To add to the previously mentioned accolades, Kristina possesses extraordinary patience and creativity, elements that make her an expert problem solver for anyone she encounters. My own unique situation (returning to a genre after a long hiatus from it, while pursuing another) certainly presented its challenges, but she offered practical, insightful advice that led to a more powerful resume and new website that cleverly promotes all of my current career genres. I am eternally grateful for her input.  


Elise BrancheauOpera Singer | Artistic Director, The Secret Opera

If you're dreading an impending audition season, confused about the way your dreams and goals have shifted lately, or are looking for affirmation to follow the career path that's right for you (traditional or not!), Kristina is the perfect person to talk to. She helped me sort through what I was feeling, gave me permission to change my mind and go about my career goals in a different way, and suggested several specific tactics for me to refocus my energy. When you're consulting with her, it feels like you're talking to a friend - one who happens to have really awesome insight, experience, and advice. Even if you're not sure what advice you want or need, or if you can't exactly explain what you're looking for, she's still a great source of support and encouragement. I highly recommend her services to anyone!


Neda LahidjiClassical & Musical Theatre Singer

I have known Kris for seven years now and the fact that she is still there for me after college is incredible. Whenever I have a question for her regarding repertoire, website, headshots, or auditions, she is always makes sure my questions are answered. I love how passionate she is about helping people. Kris has also coached me as well and working with her is such a blast. She gets so specific with you and really makes you dig deep, but the most importantly, she makes you feel safe and that you can do anything you set your mind to. Kris is amazing and I would recommend working with her in a heartbeat.

Clara ChungOpera Singer

I had been working with Kristina for a while, but stopped briefly when she moved from southern California up to Redding. We recently resumed over Skype, and it's been wonderful! Kristina is an amazing teacher, with both detailed technical knowledge about the vocal mechanism and an innate understanding of each individual student's learning styles and needs. Lessons with her feel like she not only understands the voice objectively, but she understands me and my specific voice. I was really glad to find out that nothing is lost by moving to Skype lessons instead of in person--there is honestly nobody else I would rather work with, and I was dreading the prospect of finding someone new! I trust her with every aspect of my voice and my career as a singer, and I cannot recommend her enough.

Jody WeatherstoneClassical Performer | Voice Teacher

Kristina is a multi-faceted, diversely talented individual with a deep understanding of the needs of singers and the business they pursue. I initially hired her to redo my website, but in the end, I got so much more than just that. In the process, I gained clarity and direction, and a renewed sense of excitement. She helped me put into words and action what it is that I am striving for. Although we are on opposite sides of the country, her availability was always timely. She communicates clearly, without judgement and always with optimism. I highly recommend working with Kristina for all aspects of your business, from web design, business materials, and business plans, to coaching and brainstorming. She will help as little or as much as you need, and she is worth every penny!


Kate ConklinPerformer | Voice Teacher | Alexander Teacher

Kristina is indispensable as a resource and coach. Kristina herself is a multi-faceted artist, and has rich and informed perspective that is insightful and highly useful to other artists. She provides valuable guidance- and more importantly practical, specific, and wildly helpful tools to help you get what YOU want.

Jennifer DryerOpera Singer

Kristina is without a doubt one of the best people I have ever worked with. She is down to earth, helpful, and honest. She is such a kind, supportive person and I am so thrilled that I can say she is on my team. I just love her so much!

Elena BirdOpera Singer

Working with Kristina is a dream. She is so intuitive to identify and create your brand, your "something special," and then she helps you to bring it into the light with her marketing skills and knowledge. Kristina helped me learn to be brave, be unique -- ultimately, to be myself, and the results were very positive. She created an awesome website for me, and she is always on-call if I need any career advice or website updating. She is honest, enthusiastic, and totally invested in her clients. Thank you Kristina!!!

Margaret J. BoeckmanOpera Singer

Having little marketing background, myself, Kristina was able to walk me through step by step what would be most beneficial to me in promoting my studio and my craft. She empathizes with the needs of a performer and teacher and is able to bring their strengths to the forefront in any medium. Every time I open my website, resume, headshot, or bio, I am amazed at the cleanness and aesthetically appealing quality of it. I am also in constant awe of how she has the know-how to see what is most important out of the slough of roles and programs in which you may have been involved. She has an eye for things that I would have otherwise missed. Not to mention, she recognizes tricks of the trade that those starting out may not understand, so she can guide you gently in the direction she thinks will best suite you. Knowing what companies want to see and emphasizing that in my materials made me more appealing to programs I applied to. I don’t think it was any coincidence that I was accepted into two summer programs back to back after Kristina overhauled my resume. How you appear is half the battle, and Kristina helps arm you in the best way possible for that half. She is prompt, friendly, and honest. Qualities not often found all in one place. A rare treasure, to be sure.

Andrei BratkovskiOpera Singer

Kristina has always been right about what decision I've had to make in both my career life and personal growth. She has a sixth sense when it comes to what people need within their professional and spiritual lives, which I believe is pivotal for performers. She has the knowhow from years of experience as a singer herself on the truth of the business, but most importantly, being anchored in joy while doing it. I would recommend her to anyone. She continues to help me and many of my colleagues move toward success in life.

Nina Cole GarguiloClassical Performer | Voice Teacher

After years of performing and teaching, I was in need of creating an online site that could include my wide interests. After our initial consultation and questionnaire, Kristina knew exactly what I would like! She successfully made my website fun, professional, and organized, which is just what I was seeking. She was super easy to work with, professional, and helped me realize my goals and strengths as a performer and teacher. She was able to harness all of the information I gave, and turn it into a beautiful site! With her help and expertise, I’ve already received emails from potential students, contemporary composers, and fellow performers. Thank you, Kristina!!

Christie ConoverOpera Singer

I have been so impressed with the work Kristina has done for me. She understands my brand values and writes with a spot-on voice to reflect them. Whether with a themed marketing approach (she wrote a rocking press release for a western event) or an eloquent bio Kristina has a way with words beyond anything I could ever do myself. Always professional and encouraging, she is a pleasure to work with and her products have helped get me more work as a singer!


Clinton StoffbergClassical Singer

I have to tell you, Kristina, how incredible it feels to be writing down these ideas AND actually building on them the next time I visit them. It feels as though there is a weight being lifted off my brain - it's so liberating. Thank you.

Madelaine MartinezOpera Singer

I've worked with Kristina multiple times with help on resumes, bios and cover letters. I plan to ask her help with a website eventually. She is quick to respond and incredibly friendly. She treats me more like a friend than a customer. I honestly wish I lived closer to her so we could have a coffee date. Her work is professional and stands out among the crowd. Her rates are also extremely reasonable and competitive. I will utilize Kristina's talents anytime I have the chance.

Isaac SelyaConductor | Founder & Artistic Director, Queen City Chamber Opera

After 20 years of school and plenty of professional engagements, I had a pretty good handle on the nuts and bolts of the conducting craft. But marketing and networking is something that they don’t teach in conservatory. In just one hour, Kristina completely transformed my mindset about how to develop connections and build my network. She opened my eyes to many best practices and practical methods for expanding my circle of contacts. By applying her concrete strategies and techniques, I saw results immediately.


Erika PersonMezzo-soprano | Holistic Health Coach

Working with Kristina on redesigning my website was pure joy. She listened really well to my story and my design likes and dislikes and came up with a site that is beautiful, easy to navigate, and a breeze for me to maintain myself (though she is always very responsive to my follow-up questions). She conducts her business like a true professional, but she also lets her sense of humor pervade her work in a way that makes the design and branding process (which, let's face it, can be stressful) a lot of fun. I highly recommend Kristina Driskill. You won't regret working with her.

Emily CrawfordSoprano

I met Kristina in person for the first time as part of a Singer's bootcamp, in which she was a guest lecturer. Kristina gave wonderful talks on audition anxiety and how to market oneself as a product. In addition she helped me with my Press Kit, a tool I continue to use and update today. With an eye for design and a heart of gold, Kristina has helped me be a stronger artist and has inspired me to take the risks necessary to get the jobs I want.

Emily DyerSoprano

Kristina's unique insight into the business, art, and psychology of a musical career makes her an invaluable resource to artists. She is always quick to encourage, equip, and guide with expertise that emboldens me to put my best self forward. Her work ethic and focus is electric, and she has helped me energize and direct the goals I have as a musician.

Christie Love WilliamsBusiness and Wellness Coach

Kristina’s coaching is truly amazing! With each call I’m left with a boost of self-confidence and new ideas on how to use my own money code to expand by business. Her approach to coaching is something I’ve never experienced before. Kristina’s caring and knowledgeable yet she pushes me right above my comfort zone which is what I needed to start experiencing results. I’m so glad to have Kristina as my coach to help me reach my business goals.

Eva Kastner PuschlMezzo soprano | Actress | Pianist

Ever since Kristina and I started working together I’ve been making progress towards identifying and reaching my goals as a singer and artist. Kristina encourages me to ask for what I want, own my uniqueness and hone my craft, so that I feel comfortable sharing it with the world. She is a kind, honest, reliable, energetic and fun-to-work-with coach and person! Her program FORWARD couldn’t have a better name - it moves you forward on your path in finding your authentic self and becoming who you want to be. I highly recommend Kristina as a coach and advisor! She’ll help you change your life!

Siddharth DubeyBaritone | Computer Programmer

There are some special people in life and Kristina is one of them. I have been enamored with what she has created and how successful it has been for many people including myself. In our work together, she has hit the nail on every issue I've brought up and her solutions are priceless. Even more importantly, Kristina has inspired me to go out and make a difference in other peoples lives. Pursuing a dream is a long journey and takes time, hard work, perseverance, and resiliency, and it’s so important to have a person who believes in you and is willing to offer guidance and encouragement along the way - that’s why I love having Kristina on my team. She is truly an influential person in my life. I absolutely recommend her coaching and programs.

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